Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm going to try more blogging....

I have decided to try blogging a bit more. Well, I have decided to start blogging period. I started this blog a little after I created my website Sailing and Such and I have never really done anything with it. Now that I am trying to get more and more traffic to my website and make it known to more and more people, blogging seems to be something that other website owners do that I don't.

I am not sure what all I will be posting about in my blog. Wether it be a daily journal type blog, what I am working on with my website or whatever comes to mind. It maybe a mix of alot of different things.

Anyways, I know that NO ONE is reading this blog right now so I feel that there is no need to make this post anything special.

We will sse what is to come........

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