Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Introducing Sailing and Such

Welcome to the blog of Sailing and Such! Sailing and Such is a website of it's own that has loads of information about sailing and sailboats. The website is pretty new as of right now but already has LOTS of information avaliable to anyone.

When I created this website, one of the main things that I had in mind was to MAKE THE HARD TO FIND INFORMATION EASY TO FIND. I myself have owned a few project sailboats and I have spent hours surfing the internet trying to find information on fixing up the particular boat I was working on. Sometimes I would eventually find what I was looking for but it was often after hours of looking. So, what I have created is a section that is devoted to linking viewers to useful websites about particular sailboats.

One of the things that people are finding most useful at Sailing and Such right now is the Sailboat Projects page. If you are working on a sailboat or considering purchasing one that may need some work you can find TONS of information on how to fix it up right on the Sailboat Porject page.

There are hundreds of links to individual owner's websites and blogs that document the work that they have done on their sailboat. From complete restorations to modifications to the cabin to make life onboard more comfortable. Another part of the Sailboat Projects section is a page that has links to many different articles or websites where people have created excellent how-to guides about the various tasks and maintenace chores that come along with owning a sailboat. I have personally looked at each project linked and made sure that were useful and not just a sloppy presentation put together.

Sailboat Projects isn't the only thing that Sailing in Such has to offer though. The website also has a free sailboat classifieds page where you can post your boat for free. It also has a section that contains many different sailing related books, from novels to how-to books, with reviews by people just like you.

Sailing and Such even has some unique how-sail videos that I have gotten from a freind that I met on the internet. They are excellent videos and really helped me with my sailing skills. Here is one of them right here.

Sailing and Such is still growing every day and you can expect it be a very large website with loads of useful content in the near future.

So head on over to Sailing and Such and see just what I am talking about!

I myself am no one special, just an ordinary sailor that wants to help other sailors by providing them with some useful information.

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