Friday, March 4, 2011

South Coast 22 Project Sailboat for Sale $750 SOLD!!!

UPDATED 1/10/2012

I am selling my South Coast 22 sailboat for the LOW price of $750, it is low trust me!

The SC22 is a project boat that has alot of work done to it already. When I bought the boat I intended to fix it up and take her sailing, but I got carried away with other projects and haven't gotten around to finishing her.


The trailer is there and has new tires on it that have maybe 100 miles on them, probably less. I have sanded the trailer down and painted it to protect it from rusting and it is in good condition, just needs a new tongue and winch stand in my opinion, but it is towable how it is now without a problem.

Mast, main sail, jib, and a colorful drifter sail are all there.

(A little exert on the story of this boat)
The boat was bought new by a doctor who rarely sailed it and sold it to his best buddy (who I bought the boat from). The buddy never sailed it or took it out of his yard, just stored the sails and motor indoors and left the boat sitting on it's trailer.

Back to the sails, the owner of the boat said he thought there were two sails, a main and a colorful jib. I figured the jib wasn't colorful that it must be a spinnaker and this guy didn't know about it. As I was rummiging through the sail bags(2) I noticed there was a jib and a main in one and what I thought to be a spinnaker in another since it was multi-colored. I didn't say a word to the owner because he had no idea what a spinnaker or drifter was, this is when I knew the boat was a good deal. I brought the boat home and layed the sails out on the grass and was amazed at the condition of them, they are still crisp. They are worth quite a bit themselves I believe.

The mast and boom are there and are in good condition.

Now for the PROJECT parts.

-The boat needs new bottom paint, but I have sanded down to the gelcoat over 95% of the hull.

Here is a photo of my progress, it is not complete in this photo like it is now.

-The keel needs refinishing. I have dropped it out of the boat and it is ready to be refinsihed.

Random Photo

-The foredeck need recoring. I have the recoring material, some high dollar flexible balsa core that is perfect for this job. The old core has been torn out and the new need glassing in.

-The topsides needs repainting and there is some crazing that could use repair.

-The port cockpit side needs a little additional support added and some fairing to repair a small weak spot. Just some fiberglass work and painting really.

-The boat needs rewiring and things like that, but really it is a great project boat that could be made into something special.

I have most of the hardware off the boat and I have seperated it into many ziplock bags and have labeled them.

I'll be completely honest here:
I paid $1400 for the boat, knowing it was a deal for the sails, mast/boom, motor and trailer. (no motor in this sale though)
I will sell it for $750!!!!!!

If you are looking for a project sailboat it would be crazy not to buy this one I think, I just do not have the time so I am letting this thing go..........

The boat is in Dothan, Alabama. Call me at 334-Seven, Nine, Zero-0682.