Wednesday, December 18, 2013

1982 Montgomery 17 Sailboat for Sale. Dothan, Alabama

I am selling my beloved Montgomery 17!  Asking price is $9,000.

Be sure to check out the video below!

I really took my time fitting this boat out with the best gear I could find, safety was my number one concern.  I researched every piece of gear and bought what I determined to be the bests products for my intended purposes, extended overnight trips on the boat.  Some of the gear is over sized for the boat, like the anchor system but it isn't over sized enough to not be easily handled by one person.

If you have any questions or would like to come look at the boat you can contact me, Trip, at or 334-790-0682.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The 2013 BEER Cruise in Pensacola, Florida

A few years back I learned about the B.E.E.R. Cruise in Pensacola and I have wanted to join in on the fun. Fun being sailing for a few days with several other sailboats, I don't think the cruise is focused on just BEER.

I made a little piece of artwork for this year's Cruise, it shows the route and destinations planned.

I have wanted to go ever since I found our about this rendezvous but I haven't been able to.  At first it was my boat (Watkins 29) was in Panama City and I didn't take it anywhere for some reason (many reasons).  Then I got rid of the Watkins and found my great little Montgomery 17.  I had the Montgomery last year in time for the Cruise but I didn't make due to conflicting dates with other plans.  This year will be different!  My calendar is already marked and I have a buddy to join me.

Although it's almost 6 months away I am already excited about it.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that there will be so many different boats there, in the last few years they have reported as to have had over 50 boat join in!  Most of them being trailerable sailboats similar to mine with a some larger boats too.  For a sailor (or me at least) one of the joys is meeting other sailors and checking out there boats!  I cannot wait for that!

I'm sure time will fly by and the BEER Cruise will be here before I know it.  I have a lot going on in my life now like getting married in less than 3 months and possibly a mission trip to El Salvador!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Galley Box for the Sailboat

So, my little 17'er doesn't have a galley or anywhere to cook so something needed to be done about that.  I ended up building a small box to mount my single burner propane stove in and also to store some cooking items in.

Like I said, I should be coming up with a new and improved design in the near future for the "BEER Cruise". So be sure and check back and/or subscribe to my Youtube Channel, SailingandSuch!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anchor Storage on my Montgomery 17 Sailboat

I was having trouble finding and place to store my anchor on my little Montgomery 17 since it doesn't have a dedicated place for this. Also, I bought a Rocna 13lbs'er and those things are not folding and are a pretty awkward shape but they make up for that in their holding power.

After a good bit of thought I came up with a solution!

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more, I'm busy working on my sailboat getting ready for my 3-week trip down through the Florida Keys!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Overlay vs TrueView Ads Test Day 6


I let the Overlay ads run for 5 days to give the a chance and see if time had an effect on it (I do not believe it does).

My findings were that I still do not make as much revenue with only Overlay ads displayed as I did when I had both overlay and trueview ads enabled. My CPC (cost per click) was up higher than I have ever really seen it but my CTR (click through ratio) was down a lot so I still am not happy with only overlay ads.

This morning I enable bother trueview and overlay ads and I will report back with my findings. Hopefully things will be back to where they were before I began the test..... If not, then there is some sort of flaw in my test and it may not be valid. Keep in mind, I am no expert so this test may not be legit at all but it's for my own personal enjoyment and benefit.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Overlay vs TrueView Ads Test Day 1

The first day's results are in for the testing of my Youtube monetization settings and which ads are better for generating revenue. I must say my findings are interesting.

I guess you could say that the 24hrs that I had only TrueView In-stream ads displayed was a success in testing terms, but you could also call it a complete failure in revenue terms!

The results for the 24 hour period were horrible. I saw a 95% reduction in "page views" (which is also ad views) compared to my normal view count for the past 30 days. I also had 0 clicks so that comes out to about $00.00 of earnings. So, I don't think trueview in-stream ads are the best type of ads to run, at least not for my channel or by themselves.

Now for the next part of the test. I just switched all of my monetization settings over to overlay in-video ads and I will let this run like this for at least one day, and see what my results are. Then I will switch my settings to display both overlay and truview ads and see the results.

Maybe I can get back to making some money, it really hurt me to have to leave the setting that way for an entire 24 hour period knowing that I could be actually making money.......

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Youtube Monetization - Overlay vs TrueView Ads

As most of you know, I have a Youtube channel and I regularly post videos to Youtube. My account is enabled for monetization and I have been running ads on my videos for about 2 months now. I can't say how much money I have been making these past two months but lets just say it's enough to make me want to learn more about it and use the monetization features in the most efficient way.

With my current account status I am allowed to display two different types of ads on my videos, Overlay In-video ads and TrueView in-stream ads. Youtube lets you choose which type of ads you want on your videos whether it be one type or both. When I first learned about these ads I immediately enabled both types thinking that I would benefit the most from using both. Sadly, both ad types do not run at the same time on a video but instead one of them is randomly ran. I have been wondering which types of ads are most effective for generating revenue and I have decided to put them to test.

Just a few minutes ago I edited all of my videos and selected the TrueView in-stream ads to be displayed on all of them. I will leave the settings this way for some time, not sure if it will be one day, two days or a week. I will be recording what my profits and statistics for the ads and then I will switch all of my ads to the Overlay In-video ads. Once I get my results I will know which type of ads to run in order to make the most of my Youtube videos.

Maybe I will learn something here with this test and be able to share my findings with you so that we can all use Youtube Monetization strategically and to it's fullest potential.