Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Youtube Monetization - Overlay vs TrueView Ads

As most of you know, I have a Youtube channel and I regularly post videos to Youtube. My account is enabled for monetization and I have been running ads on my videos for about 2 months now. I can't say how much money I have been making these past two months but lets just say it's enough to make me want to learn more about it and use the monetization features in the most efficient way.

With my current account status I am allowed to display two different types of ads on my videos, Overlay In-video ads and TrueView in-stream ads. Youtube lets you choose which type of ads you want on your videos whether it be one type or both. When I first learned about these ads I immediately enabled both types thinking that I would benefit the most from using both. Sadly, both ad types do not run at the same time on a video but instead one of them is randomly ran. I have been wondering which types of ads are most effective for generating revenue and I have decided to put them to test.

Just a few minutes ago I edited all of my videos and selected the TrueView in-stream ads to be displayed on all of them. I will leave the settings this way for some time, not sure if it will be one day, two days or a week. I will be recording what my profits and statistics for the ads and then I will switch all of my ads to the Overlay In-video ads. Once I get my results I will know which type of ads to run in order to make the most of my Youtube videos.

Maybe I will learn something here with this test and be able to share my findings with you so that we can all use Youtube Monetization strategically and to it's fullest potential.


GaryKist said...

Hey im planning on doing a similar experiment. next month im going to apply trueview only for the whole month. let me know what you find out...also i think you can post ads on blogger. youtube.com/garykist

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