Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Overlay vs TrueView Ads Test Day 1

The first day's results are in for the testing of my Youtube monetization settings and which ads are better for generating revenue. I must say my findings are interesting.

I guess you could say that the 24hrs that I had only TrueView In-stream ads displayed was a success in testing terms, but you could also call it a complete failure in revenue terms!

The results for the 24 hour period were horrible. I saw a 95% reduction in "page views" (which is also ad views) compared to my normal view count for the past 30 days. I also had 0 clicks so that comes out to about $00.00 of earnings. So, I don't think trueview in-stream ads are the best type of ads to run, at least not for my channel or by themselves.

Now for the next part of the test. I just switched all of my monetization settings over to overlay in-video ads and I will let this run like this for at least one day, and see what my results are. Then I will switch my settings to display both overlay and truview ads and see the results.

Maybe I can get back to making some money, it really hurt me to have to leave the setting that way for an entire 24 hour period knowing that I could be actually making money.......

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