Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Overlay vs TrueView Ads Test Day 6


I let the Overlay ads run for 5 days to give the a chance and see if time had an effect on it (I do not believe it does).

My findings were that I still do not make as much revenue with only Overlay ads displayed as I did when I had both overlay and trueview ads enabled. My CPC (cost per click) was up higher than I have ever really seen it but my CTR (click through ratio) was down a lot so I still am not happy with only overlay ads.

This morning I enable bother trueview and overlay ads and I will report back with my findings. Hopefully things will be back to where they were before I began the test..... If not, then there is some sort of flaw in my test and it may not be valid. Keep in mind, I am no expert so this test may not be legit at all but it's for my own personal enjoyment and benefit.

1 comment:

fishsponge said...

Do you have an update on your Youtube ad testing? :-)

Was looking forward to seeing the results of overlay, trueview and both together!