Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Started Building My Oars Today

Since I ordered the plans for the Pram 8'7" I have to wait for them to arrive before I can begin building the boat. So until they arrive tomorrow (I can't wait) I have started working on the oars. I scoured the internet for a while in search of a simple oar design that would work for me. I found one and I began building them today, making a few minor changes in the design.

I was recording the process and have edited all of today's footage, I have done everything I can till the epoxy and fiberglass come in with the plans tomorrow.

It was pretty fun making the videos for a type of "How To" guide that I plan on sharing with everyone. Being my first time, I really didn't know exactly how to get good shots and what all exactly to say, but I think I made the best of it and the video clips were looking pretty good when I was editing them earlier today.

I am not sure when I will have the video up for the "How To Make Your Own Oars" guide but it should be soon. I plan on starting tomorrow cutting out the plywood panels for the dinghy and stitching them together. Once that is done, I will put on the first bit of epoxy and fiberglass and while it is drying I will finish up with the oars.

Not sure exactly how long it will take me to cut out the panels and stitch and glue them together but I should be pretty quick. Hopefully I will at least get as far as having the hull stitched together tomorrow, if the plans arrive early instead of late......

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