Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Working" online today, and playing.....

Today, it's to cold to work on my South Coast 22 project boat and sadly I couldn't go down to my sailboat in Panama City, Fl which is about an hour and twenty minutes away but oh well.

So today I worked on a new part of my website Sailing and Such, the Sailboat Buyer's Guide that I am slowly working on while I am in the process of selling my Watkins 29 and buying a newer and possibly a bit larger sailboat as soon as the Watkins sells. Its a little slow going but I will have it finished soon.

I worked on my AdSense ads on my website a bit today too. Mainly just blocking ads that were not relevant to my content.

I also looked around for different blogs to follow today and I found a few pretty good ones. One is The Adventures of Tiller,Heron,Margaret and Don which is about a couple who live on their Westsail 32. Another is s/v Pelican - Following A Dream which is about a family of four who are out cruising for two years before their oldest starts highschool. The last one I found was Solitare I, a blog that has been around since '06, a pretty good while. It is about two people who seem to live aboard their sailboat and are out cruising. I hope to find some more interesting blogs to Follow, so if you know of any sailor's blogs let me know!

I am still getting used to "blogging" and I haven't quite figured out if I am going to blog about anything specific or just anything and everything.

Let me know about your blog, I hope you have the Follow gadget too!!!!!!!


Erick said...

Hey Trip! Thanks for finding my blog and I'll be sure to follow yours. Looking forward to more entries!

Trip said...

Sounds good Erick, don't forget to add the Follow gadget to your blog.