Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Useful Blog Gadgets

Recently, I have been trying to find the most useful gadgets to add to my blog. I think I have found a few that I believe, will help myself and anyone who happens to read my blog. You can find these gadgets here on my blog.

One of the first ones I liked was the Follow gadget. This gadget enables readers (who also have a blog or an account that supports the Follow gadget) to "follow" your blog, pretty straight forward name. If you look on your dashboard, under Reading Lists and click the Blog's I'm Following tab it will show you the recent posts of your favorite blogs that you are following. This can be really helpful so that you do not have to visit each blog to check for an update. There are other ways to be notified if a certain blogger has posted a new entry, but I like Follow the best.

It can also be beneficial to you. It is nice to see how many people are interested in your blog and are "Following" you. Also, when someone views your blog for the first time and sees that you have a lot of followers, then they may be more inclined to stay and read more of your blog to see what makes your blog so popular.

Another that I recently added is the Labels gadget. I wanted some way to organize my different blog posts so that readers could view the blogs that deal with the subject they are interested in, since I am not blogging about one subject in particular. In order to use the Label gadget, you need to add the correct label to each post (you insert the labels under the text box that you enter the content of your post in). Then, once you save the post, the label automatically goes into the gadget.

The Top Commenter's gadget is a good way to help your blog and other bloggers. It gives people an incentive to comment on your blog posts by displaying those who commented the most on your posts in the gadget window. If readers see someone who has posted many comments, then they may choose to see what that particular person is blogging about. It is a great way to help people contribute to your blog and to help your fellow bloggers.

The last gadget I have is a free Hit Counter. Basically, the counter counts every time your blog's page is loaded. This will give you an idea of how many people are reading your blog. This is a very useful gadget.

I definitely recommend that you add these gadgets to your blog if you haven't already!

Does anyone else know of any great gadgets?


the captain said...

Yes, I know another cool gadget that I use more than ANY OTHER. It is an extension of the hit counter. You can add a tracking device program to your blog, so it really isn't a 'gadget' but is very cool. With this feature I can see how many times people visit the site, how many unique hits(one per person) there are and where they are viewing from (city, state, country, etc.). Lots of graphs to display the info. different ways.

If you are interested you can get there through the dashboard. Blogger is a google feature and you can install google analytics. They will walk you through the whole thing and show you where and how to cut and paste the program into the html code of your blog. It's fun and good info. on the activity of your blog. Cheers.

-soulesailor (SBO)

Trip said...

captain, You are right Google Analytics is a wonderful tool also. I am using it and it is very helpful, I think I may right up post about GA and explain to everyone what all it does.

Thanks for the comment!

uptownnerd said...

hit counter available at Gostats.com is very comprehensive and provide minute to minute updates of page views, unique views and loads of other options to choose from,

Thomas said...

If you want to find accurate website analytics go to Gostats.com