Monday, January 26, 2009

Im Building a Sailing Dinghy!

Thats right, I have ordered the plans and the fiberglass/epoxy kit from It should arrive sometime later this week I hope.

The design that I chose was the Prameke 7'-8". It has a beam of 4'8" and a overall length (LOA) of almost 8'. I am going to be building it using the simple stitch and glue method, I think it's simple at least, this will be my first time building a boat.

It is constructed out of plywood and the seams are fiberglassed and the entire boat is covered with epoxy and it can be painted. I think I am going to paint mine white but leave some of the wood grain pieces showing. I am also going to be building a sail kit for it (the sprit type rig), and some rowing oars because I don't plan on having an outboard on it.

I am going to go ahead and start on the oars, cutting the pieces out and having them ready to epoxy together when the plans and fiberglass/epoxy kit arrives.

I plan on documenting the entire process with my video camera and posting on the web. I hope to start the oars today, so maybe I will have some videos up soon!

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