Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PK 87: I'm making good progress!

I have been working on the boat the past few days, waiting to go out of town to work. I have the dagerboard cut and shaped and will probably epoxy it over today sometime. The trunk for the daggerboard is cut out and I have one coat of epoxy on the inside of it and I plan on putting another coat on the inside and epoxying the two pieces together when I epoxy the daggerboard this afternoon.

Yestarday, I had the boat turned upside down and I puttied the seams, glassed the seams over, then I put fiberglass over the two bottom panels of the hull. I decided not to glass the entire hull because....... well I'm not sure why not, but I figured I only needed it on the bottom panels because they will be seeing the abuse when I beach the boat. The fiberglass sheets went on pretty easy using a squigee and pouring the resin on. I was pretty surprised how easy it was, and this morning it looked fantastic and is pretty stiff. Just a few more coats of epoxy on the outside of the hull and it will be finished except for the rubrail and paint.

The epoxy/fiberglass it that I ordered with the boat wasn't quite enough. The kit from that was for the PK87 dinghy is for the rowing version and you need more resin for the sailing version. I oreded more epoxy Monday and it arrived just a while ago before lunch on Webnesday, and its a good thing because I am almost completely out of the first 1 gallon of resin and 1/2 gallon of hardener. I ordered the same amount and it should easily be enough, especially since I do not have to do much more puttying (if any) which is where I ended up mixing to much putty and it would harden before I could get it all on the boat.

So now I just got back from lunch and about to get back to work (on the dinghy). I have been videoing the building process but I am having a little trouble with the quality of the video so I have been discouraged and slow at putting them online. Maybe I will get off my but and do them right.

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