Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Sailing Book Review: The Self-Sufficient Sailor, Larry and Lin Pardey

After just reading The Self-Sufficient Sailor for the second time I have decided to write a review on the book. Let me just say that this is one of the best informative books that I have read about getting "out there" and going cruising. The Pardeys are a cruising couple who have been cruising for more than 20 years full-time, so they know what they are talking about.

The book gives you alot of great information and things to think about if you are one of those who dreams of sailing off for 6 months or for the rest of your life, something I think most sailors have dreamed of.

They explain just how you can get out their, from how to hitchhike across oceans, how to pay for your dream once your "out there", and why you don't need a 40'er with all the latest and greatest gear onboard.

They stress that simplicity is the best way to accomplish your dream successfully. If you have all kinds of complicated mechanical gear and electronics onboard then you just have more things that can fail that you probably will not be able to fix by your self, which makes you not "self-sufficient". As I have began to realize, the bigger the boat the more junk you will pile in it, therefore the more stuff that can break and the more money you will spend getting ready to go cruising when the stuff you bought was really essential.

They go into explaining how to make life onboard with your significant other more pleasant and how to help both of you become comfortable with the cruising lifestyle so that everyone enjoys it. Since this is a big deal for most people who want to get "out there" they really take that into consideration and give some great advice on the subject.

They talk about being prepared for the worst and how to handle some of the bad situations like storms and a sinking ship, it's not a survival book but it gives a few things to dwell on.

Also, they give many tip's on how to make your boat more efficient and easier to maintain. All of these things were learned and put into practice by the Pardeys throughout thier cruising life.

They also show you a little of the hardships that come with the cruising lifestyle, but they let you know that the great things outway the not-so-great things.

Of all of the sailing books I have read this will probably be the one that I re-read most often because it has such great information and really can inspire you to get on with things and stop waiting around. If you have ever thought about cruising then this book should be the first one you purchase, a fantastic read....

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